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Keck Telescope Kit $14.95

Build your own to-scale model of the amazing Keck Telescope at the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Each of the Keck telescopes, and there are two on Mauna Kea, has four-times the light gathering power of the 200 inch Hale telescope on Mount Palomar.

Rather than having a single, large mirror, the Keck uses a segmented mirror consisting of 36 independently, computer-controlled and -positioned pieces. With its 'adaptive optics' system, the image clarity of the Keck telescopes can rival the Hubble space telescope.

This is the most challenging astronomy related kit that we sell. We think you'll agree that the beauty of the assembled model is worth the effort.

All directions for assembly are available online for your use, and to print out if you prefer. Click here for assembly instructions to all our spacecraft kits, as well as fact summaries about their missions and suggestions for enhancing their presentation.

Recommended for children over 14 years of age, or with the help of an adult. The kit is made of laser-cut, heavyweight card stock. It requires some finely detailed assembly. The assembled model is about 5¾ inches (14.5 cm) overall. Scale is approximately 1/170.

Made in California, USA.

How famous can you get? A telescope with its own website! http://www.keckobservatory.org/.

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